our wines

During harvest in September, bunches of perfectly ripe grapes are selected and handpicked. They are then taken from the vineyards down to the wine cellar where the winemaking process starts. We use a 100% Sangiovese, to make both our DOCG Chianti label’s. This variety of grape grows in vineyards at an altitude between 300 and 400 meters above sea level. (a.s.l). Although we privilege the single grape variety, we have decided to confer a more modern flavour to our Sangiovese by adding Merlot to it, thus creating an enjoyable and well-balanced blend. Our two IGT label wines “I Lastrecheti” and “Macchione” are a combination of Sangiovese and merlot, a grape variety that has taken root and now thrives prosperously on our hills. Our two Reserve wines: Chianti DOCG Reserve and Macchione Reserve are made from grapes that grow on vines sited at a higher altitude, on the gravel-stone soils of a sunny sloping hillside.

Chianti DOCG

Wine made from Sangiovese. Ideal served alongside game, red meat dishes, and hard cheeses.

Chianti Riserva DOCG

Wine made with Sangiovese, left to mature twelve months in French oak barrel, then bottled and stored horizontally in the cellar for several months. A perfect partner for soups, pasta accompanied by meat sauces, cold cuts (like our excellent prosciutto and salami) and hard cheeses.


I Lastricheti Rosso Toscano IGT

I Lastricheti is made from a blend of sangiovese and merlot. The wine’s name derives from the horizontal layers of flat slate rock typical of the area (called “Lastre” in Italian”). This enjoyable wine is great with game, hard cheeses, and red meat.


Macchione Rosso Toscano IGT

Wine made from a blend of sangiovese and merlot, left to mature fifteen months in small French tonneaux, then bottled and stored horizontally in the cellar for several months. Ideal with grilled meat, game, cold cuts, and hard cheeses. The name “Macchione” was found on an old map that we came across in the mansion house of “la Torre”, it indicated the presence of a deep, thick wood on the estate, and it gives its name to our wine.


Bruzzico Rosato Toscano IGT

Wine obtained from the sangiovese grapes grown and produced following organic procedures, on our premises on the hillsides surrounding Arezzo. It has a fresh and delicate bouquet with lively hints of small red-berried fruits and Marasca cherry.

Vignolino Bianco Toscano IGT

Wine made from Grechetto and Trebbiano Grapes. Ideal served with appetizer, fish and medium-aged cheeses.