The products of La Torre are born from the love for the land and precisely in order not to hinder the precious contribution of the variety of the soil of the hills of the Chianti area, it was decided to allow the plants to grow naturally, absorbing the unique and distinctive flavor of each vintage and the essence of tradition.

our organic wine

In the 14 hectares of vineyards of La Torre we mainly cultivate Sangiovese and Merlot grapes from which we obtain the five labels of red wines, a rosé and a white.


our organic vinsanto

From scrupulously selected grapes of Tuscan Malvasia, Trebbiano, San Colombano, Canaiolo and Sangiovese our Vin Santo is born, obtained respecting the techniques of the Tuscan tradition.


our organic extra virgin olive oil

La Torre extra virgin olive oil is intended for an attentive consumer, who appreciates its characteristics such as the aroma, color and spicy taste typical of quality Tuscan oil.


our organic wheat flours

Produced from the indigenous variety of Tuscan soft wheat, our flours are almost gluten-free (0.9% versus 14% of a conventional wheat) and are more digestible.

At the end of the seventies Giovanni and Marcello perceived the potential of the place and decided to carry on the millenary farm. Over the years, the planting of new vineyards and the most recent conversion to organic, have contributed to the evolution of La Torre, and as in a refinement process, to become the winemaking reality of now more and more attentive to quality and to preserve traditions. .
And it is precisely in the pure Sangiovese, in the Vin Santo and in the oil that the authenticity of the past and the territorial belonging of vines and olive trees that have always characterized our products can be tasted again.


Da settembre 2023 al 31 maggio 2024 il ristorante è aperto esclusivamente a menù fisso per gruppi ed eventi su prenotazione.

From September 2023 to 31st of May 2024, the restaurant is only open for large groups and events upon reservation.