our organic extra virgin olive oil

The production of our extra virgin olive oil starts from the olives, the frantoio, the moraiolo and the leccino, and from the care of our olive trees. Around mid-October the olives are harvested and carefully arranged in special plastic baskets. To avoid oxidation and fermentation, the olives harvested during each day are transported to the mill in the evening, where our fragrant fruit juice is made with the cold method during the night. Once ready, the oil is returned to La Torre, where it will be stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen stowed in special rooms of the original farm, fresh, dry and away from sources of light. The entire production is bottled at the time of sale in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product and ensure our customers a perfectly fresh oil every time.


Da settembre 2023 al 31 maggio 2024 il ristorante è aperto esclusivamente a menù fisso per gruppi ed eventi su prenotazione.

From September 2023 to 31st of May 2024, the restaurant is only open for large groups and events upon reservation.