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Published: 25 May 2018




What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file sent to your browser by the website you visit and then subsequently stored on your computer’s hard drive. When you reconnect to the website, cookies are reread and recognized by the website that sent them. While you visit a website, you may receive cookies from a third-party website (so-called “third-party cookies”), for example links to web pages of other domain names. Cookies may be used for different purposes: to enable a website to recognize your device, to monitor sessions and to store specific information about users that access the server.


Types of cookies

Technical cookies: these are required for the website to function properly and to allow you to use the service.
Functional cookies: these are used to facilitate website navigation, to store selected settings and to provide customised functionality.
Analytical cookies: the website uses this type of cookie to collect information about your usage patterns, the pages you visit and any errors that may occur during your visit. These cookies do not collect information that could identify your computer. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.
By using the website, visitors expressly consent to the use of cookies.


Disabling cookies

Cookies are linked to the browser used and can be disabled at any time directly from the browser, thus denying/revoking consent to the use of cookies. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain website features correctly.
Each browser has a different procedure for managing settings. Below are browser-specific instructions:


> How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer
> How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer
> How to manage cookies in Firefox
> How to delete cookies in Firefox
> How to manage cookies in Chrome
> How to manage cookies in Safari Web and iOS


Third-party cookies
This site also acts as an intermediary for third-party cookies, used to provide additional services and functionality to users and to improve the use of the site, such as social buttons or videos. This site has no control over third-party cookies, which are entirely managed by the third parties. As a result, information on the use of these cookies and their purposes, as well as the methods for any disabling, are provided directly by the third parties on the pages indicated below.




This site also incorporates plugins and/or buttons for social networks, in order to allow easy content sharing on your favourite social networks. These plugins are designed so that no cookies are set when you access the page, to safeguard your privacy. If necessary, cookies are set, if so envisaged by social networks, only when the user makes effective and voluntary use of the plugin. Please note that if you are logged in to the social network, you have already consented to the use of cookies conveyed through this site when you sign up to the social network.
The collection and use of information obtained through the plugin is governed by the respective privacy policies of the social networks, to which we kindly ask you to refer for full details.


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Da settembre 2023 al 31 maggio 2024 il ristorante è aperto esclusivamente a menù fisso per gruppi ed eventi su prenotazione.

From September 2023 to 31st of May 2024, the restaurant is only open for large groups and events upon reservation.