The Suite Ziraia

The Ziraia was once the place where the traditional oval terracotta jars (called ziri) used for conserving wine, oil and cereals were stored. The suite still preserves many characteristics that remind us of the past, like an antique ziro, originally used on the farm, which now adorns the room.

A French door that opens onto the patio allows natural light to filter through making it a bright and luminous apartment, situated on the ground floor.

The sitting room with a single sofa bed leads into a comfortable double bedroom.

A wholesome and delicious farmhouse breakfast is included. We offer our guests seasonal, organic goods grown and produced on our land, homegrown fruit and vegetables and a variety of delicious homemade jams. The homemade cakes and the bread produced locally are all made from the Verna wheat grain that we grow personally.


One double bed, one sofa bed

Bathroom with shower


Additional services

Satellite TV, Wi-FI Hotspot, Mini-fridge